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A new golf network that connects by mobile
You can connect the world golf courses and golf friend


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services & contents

The first Golf course reservation platform from Mobile golf Co., Ltd (Staygolf)

You can connet to 34,000 golf courses and 60 million golf friends in all over the world Right now More than 10,000 people are included in the staygolf. (Apr.2017)

Mobile golf Co., Ltd of the first affiliate company (Giant golf Co., Ltd)

Giant golf is the first major golf company in the Republic of Korea. Right now More than 80,000 people are included in the Giant golf and its are growing every year by a multiple of 2.

Expert group

We are the best experts who more than 15 years experience in the field of Manage of Golf Course, Consulting, Marketing, Golf trip, Membership, M&A.

Psychology / humanities.

We could understand the needs and propensity of consumers who enjoy playing golf. We are trying our best to make customer service for Consumer focus.

Convergence of sports

Our company is concentrating its Developing and researching (R&D) technical that necessary on the golf industry. IOT, Big-data/AI, AR/VR, Preparing the fourth round of the revolution of the golf industry through Sports convergence technology development.


We are proceeding to 020(Online to Offline) service of golf industry that suppliers and consumers are satisfied.


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